Are your neighbours or parents always complaining about you playing too loud? Do you not have the right equipment at home to be your best? Or do you simply have a band and need an affordable space to hold rehearsals? We can accommodate musical projects of all shapes and sizes…

Have the choice of three small practice rooms, which are perfect for solo practice or small ensembles. One of these rooms are equipped with an acoustic drum kit making this space ideal for drummers to practice with the proper kit. These rooms are also perfect for private tutors to hold lessons by the hour.

The d.@rt also houses two large music rooms. These studios are better suited to choirs, brass bands and bigger (louder) ensembles. They are fully equipped with a PA system, keyboards, guitars, drum kit and bass amps, but of course you can still bring all of your own equipment.

For more information about the music facilities on offer please contact us via email here or call us on 01489 779471


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