The d.@rt Centre is home to a variety of music rehearsal spaces, with something for musical projects of all shapes and sizes.

Our three small practice rooms are the perfect size for solo practice or small ensembles.

One of these is equipped with an acoustic drum kit, making this an ideal space for drummers looking for an affordable way to practice on a proper kit without worrying about the neighbours.

These rooms are also perfect for private tutors looking for a professional space to run lessons from.

There are also two larger music classrooms which can house bigger (and louder) ensembles.

One room is fully equipped with PA and drum kit, and is suitable for amplified bands.

This room has guitar and bass amps provided, but you are also welcome to bring along your own.

Our second larger studio is home to a number of brass bands and choirs, and is a great space for larger groups of acoustic instruments.

For more information about the music facilities on offer please contact us via email here or call us on 01489 779471