Lights, Camera, Action...1 Day Film Workshop

Set your creativity to new heights at our 1-day filmmaking taster workshop this May Half-term for young individuals aged 13 - 17 years old with D&T Videography. Whether you aspire to take the director's chair or delve into the realm of acting, seize this extraordinary opportunity to acquire real hands-on experience in the fundamentals of film production.

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D&T Videography - Film School 
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Here's what we'll cover during the day:
Introduction to Filmmaking 
  • Get acquainted with fellow film makers and our expert facilitators through engaging icebreaker activities.

  • Dive into the day's agenda and discover the exciting objectives lined up for you.

  • Unlock the secrets of successful storytelling and learn how to craft compelling storyboards to bring your ideas to life.

Acting Essentials 

  • Embark on a journey into the heart of acting, exploring what sets apart a stellar performance.

  • Take centre stage as we conduct mini auditions, giving you the chance to showcase your acting talent and secure your role in the upcoming production.

Preparing for Production 
  • Master the art of storytelling as we delve deeper into the importance of a captivating narrative.

  • Collaborate with your peers in a fun group storyboard activity, where you'll craft the blueprint for your very own trailer for a blockbuster film.

  • Present your storyboard to the class and receive invaluable feedback to refine your vision.
Behind the Camera
  • Explore the magic of green screen technology and its creative possibilities in filmmaking.

  • Get hands-on experience as we set the scene and capture footage for your production.
  • Learn the basics of editing software and see how clips can be manipulated to create stunning effects.

  • Brainstorm ideas for scenes utilising green screen effects in your films.
Closing and Reflection 
  • Engage in a Q&A session to share your thoughts and ask questions about the workshop.

  • Reflect on your learnings and how you can apply them to your future filmmaking endeavors.


Outcomes from the taster workshop
You will.. 

  • Have the opportunity to experiment with green screen technology during the hands-on activities.

  • Be encouraged to develop creativity and imagination when brainstorming ideas for scenes that incorporate green screen effects

  • Learn about lighting and positioning to achieve optimal results when using green screen technology

  • Show off your acting skills

  • Witness how a short trailer film can be made within a limited period of time using the technology at your fingertips

  • Get to watch your final edited film and give feedback.

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Date - Thursday 30th May
Time: 10am - 4pm

USUAL PRICE WAS £30 but now just £19.99! 
Get your space TODAY for just £19.99 with our current price until 17th May at 12pm! 

May 30th Taster Day - Book Here 
This workshop serves as a taster day for our upcoming advanced week-long course in the summer, where young people will delve deeper into filmmaking techniques and hone their skills to the next level.  Stay tuned for more updates!


If you have any other questions please contact us on 01489 779471 or email 

We look forward to welcoming you!


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