Wave Film Society

For details regarding COVID-19, please go to https://www.thedart.co.uk/covid-updates/


First Thursday of every month

Film starts 7:30pm

Single tickets £5.50

Annual Membership £50

It’s time to get the popcorn out and settle down to a film on our big screen!

The Wave Film Society is a local membership-based club where you can watch screenings of films. Escape from real life for a few hours and sit back, relax and enjoy alone, with friends or family!

So what does a member of the Wave Film Society at the d.@rt centre entitle you to?

- 12 film screenings a year - first Thursday of every month from 7pm
- A hot drink and biscuits at each screening
- Access to themed special events
- Ability to vote for what film is screened next
- Your own membership card
- Allocated seats so you can sit in your favourite place for every screening

Interested? Memberships cost £50 per person, call us on 01489 779 471 to get yours!

We also offer single screening tickets at £5.50 per person to simply watch the chosen film. You must call to book your single ticket in advance of the screening.

A note for Wave Film Society Members of 2021

We hope that we will be able to follow the government roadmap and welcome the film society back in stage 3 which means our next screening will be on Thursday 3rd June. The film we will be screening is Summerland.

We are now reverting back to Thursday screenings for all future dates at the usual start time of 7:30pm. 

With the exception of our first screening back on Thursday 3rd June as it is before the total easing of COVID restrictions due on 21st June. We will offer two screenings on Thursday 3rd June, the first screening will start at 5:30pm and the second screening will start at 7:30pm. Please email community@wildern.org with your chosen screening time and you will be allocated your seat number.

Upcoming Dates
3rd June - Summerland
1st July
5th August
2nd September
7th October
4th November
2nd December


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