Friday Art with Emma Morrissey

6 week art courses in the d.@rt foyer

£60 per person, per course

10am - 12pm

For all ages

Emma would like to welcome you to this new course, which explores mindfulness in art. In each session, you will explore different techniques and styles, like pointillism and action painting, to create unique pieces in a relaxing atmosphere.

With Emma Morrissey

Emma Morrissey is a degree trained Fine Artist with over ten years of experience in creative arts. Emma's practice has had a key focus on realism in an illustrative style through mediums such as pencil, pastel and charcoal. In recent years, her practice has seen a shift in style and use of media, where she also focuses her art towards the abstract and fantasy with impressionism, drawing inspiration from our relationship with everyday emotion.

Course 1 - Watercolour Portraits: 4th February to 11th March

Week 1: Colour mixing and brush technique

Week 2: Light source, restricted palette and loose-painting skills

Week 3: Underpainting and tonal values

Week 4: Likeness and layering

Week 5: Complimenting mediums

Week 6: Defining features

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Course 2 - Watercolour Botanicals: 6th May to 17th June (excl 3rd June - Queens Jubilee)

You will learn brush technique for stem & petal creation, flower fields & more!

Week 1: Colour mixing and brush technique

Week 2: Underpainting, light source and wet in wet technique

Week 3: Leaves/petals and tonal values

Week 4: Flower-fields and composition

Week 5: Complimenting mediums and wet in dry technique

Week 6: Adding definition

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