NEW! Macrame with Isabella Strambio

With Isabella Strambio

Over 18's only

Isabella is macrame artist that loves sharing her passion with other creatives. 

Isabella's mission is to share her knowledge with other creatives, like you, and help you bring more creativity into your lifestyle. Since teaching macrame, Isabella has seen the benefits this craft has had -  confidence, creativity, identity, purpose, joy, and has helped with mental health, isolation, health, and chronic illnesses.

NEW! Plant Hanger, Saturday 5th February, 10am - 11.30am

£38 per person
Isabella will teach you, step by step, all the knots to make a gorgeous Bohemian-inspired plant holder. Macramé is one of the most popular crafts and is ideal for beginners. All materials are provided.

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NEW! Wreath, Saturday 2nd April, 10am - 12.30pm

£40 per person
With a mix of natural cord and roving, make a timeless Macramé decoration. Learn some of the main Macramé knots as well as techniques and details on materials suitable to use in Macramé. All materials are provided.

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