Slow Stitch Skills with Elizabeth Saunders

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Saturday 2nd October 2021
10am - 3pm
£40 per person

slow stitch

Create a small landscape/seascape by putting together a range of fabric pieces and then using a variety of slow stitches, you will create your piece of work. Learn how stitching can enhance your mental wellbeing, taking time out for yourself. You will be able to develop several stitches and embellishment within your piece heading towards completion.  There will be time to consider how to use your creation.

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About Elizabeth Saunders

Elizabeth is an experienced artist that works with a variety of textiles and mixed media. Elizabeth has exhibited her work at galleries and continues to be influenced by historic and contemporary art within these settings. Using her experience of marketing and selling, she finds motivating other individuals about textiles exciting and rewarding.

Elizabeth's work is inspired by a narrative of her own memories and journeys through life. As the needle with the thread penetrates the cloth it begins a journey of twisting and turning meandering along its path, inserting and embedding threads into the fabric, exploring life’s turmoil, perseverance and pleasure .‘…self and world…thought and feeling…’

'The expression of imagination, fragility, motivation, experience and determination unfold within my work aiming to make the invisible memories-visible.'


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