Community Choir

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Choir Leader:  Rebecca Griffin

Administrator: Alison Neasom


Every Thursday, 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Wildern Community Choir will continue to be virtual via Zoom until June 24th 

During these sessions, Becky Griffin leads the group through a series of fun warm ups and one new song each week. Songs from the repertoire complete the session.

Returning to live choir sessions

We hope the Wildern Community Choir will resume as a live choir on June 24th when the time will revert to 5:30pm - 7pm.

We will continue to book 10 sessions in advance at £20 per person, see below upcoming bookable dates:

24th June - 2nd September(Excluding 12th August) BOOK ONLINE NOW

9th September - 11th November BOOK ONLINE NOW

18th November - 3rd February (Excluding 23rd and 30th December) BOOK ONLINE NOW

Contact or call 01489 779 471 for more information


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