Choral Days

We are excited that our popular Choral days will go ahead later this year...

They will be held on Sundays so that we can move into larger spaces and spread out comfortably as we all ease ourselves back into singing activities again.

Disney Choral Day with Rebecca Griffin

Sunday 17th October

10am till 3pm

£10 per person

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So many Disney Classics to choose from, both modern and old, but with her love of all things Disney, Becky Griffin will provide a fun and uplifting day of singing that will bring back memories of watching favourite films.

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Wicked Choral Day with Sarah Louise Chitty

Sunday 28th November

10am till 3pm

£10 per person

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2003 and the new musical Wicked written by Stephen Schwarz and Winnie Holzman premiered on Broadway, bringing truly spectacular songs with it. Sarah Louise Chitty will lead you through some of the memorable  moments from this magical musical.

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