Macro May

We worked with d.@rt artist Sarah Fletcher through all of may to help inspire some close of photographs of your everyday. 

Scroll down to take a look at the photo gallery...

1. Stripes
IMG 0014edit IMG 0024edit
PM Stripes  
2. Something Blue
dream garden RL ResizedImageWzI5MCwyMTZd IMG 0011edit
IMG 0004EDIT IMG 0061edit
IMG 0102edit  PM Blue v2
3. Circular
image0 image2
IMG 0009edit IMG 0018edit

IMG 0046edit

IMG 0056edit
PM Circular v2  
4. Wood Grain
image0 v2 image1
image3 IMG 0002edit
IMG 0005edit IMG 0016edit
IMG 0021edit IMG 0056edit v2
PM Woodgrain  
 5. Metallic


image0 v3 IMG 0002edit v2
IMG 0021edit v2 IMG 0058edit
IMG 20200504 164241  IMG 2770
IMG 2772 IMG 2773
PM Metallic v2  
6. Collected from Nature 
image0 v4 image1 v2
IMG 0006edit IMG 0015edit
IMG 0028edit IMG 0059edit
IMG 1176 IMG 1178
IMG 1181 IMG 20200505 183911
PM flowers  PM FromNature
7. On the Ground 
image0 v5 IMG 0004edit v2
IMG 0024edit v2 IMG 0026edit
IMG 0032edit IMG 0035edit
IMG 1182 IMG 1184
IMG 1191  IMG 20200506 194100
PM OnTheGround  
 8. In the Kitchen


IMG 0003edit IMG 0012edit
IMG 0015edit v2 IMG 0038edit
IMG 0027edit IMG 1197
IMG 1200 IMG 20200507 180115
In the kitchen 1 In the kitchen 2
on the ground 1  PM Kitchen
 9. Wound Around
IMG 1203 IMG 1204
IMG 20200508 160312 IMG 0023edit v2
 IMG 0007edit  IMG 0021edit v3
 PM WoundAround  
 10. Edible
IMG 0012edit v2 IMG 0029edit
IMG 0044edit IMG 0054edit
IMG 20200509 193203  PM Edible
12. Something Yellow 
image0 v6 image1 v3
IMG 1209 IMG 20200510 115557
 IMG 0005edit v2  IMG 0008edit
 IMG 0024edit v3  IMG 0042edit
 PM Yellow  
 12. Something Found
IMG 20200511 175221 IMG 1216
 IMG 0010edit  IMG 0016edit v2
 PM SomethingFound  
 13. Woven
IMG 0002edit v3 IMG 0010edit v2
IMG 0012edit v3 IMG 0014edit v2
IMG 1148 IMG 1150
IMG 20200512 160237  PM Woven
14. Tools of your Trade
IMG 0015edit v3 IMG 0093edit
IMG 0098edit IMG 20200513 165252
PM Toolsoftrade  IMG 0039edit
 Tools of your trade.  Tools of your trade2
 15. Technology
97418308 694929387935600 6691109952502628352 n IMG 1220
IMG 20200514 165902  IMG 0005edit v3
 IMG 0013edit  IMG 0046editt
 IMG 0051edit  PM Technology
 16. Makes a Sound
IMG 0006edit v2 IMG 0022edit
IMG 20200515 184644  PM MakesaSound
 17. Tangled
IMG 20200516 224348 IMG 0086edit
IMG 0063edit  PM Tangled
18. Sharp
IMG 20200517 210431 IMG 20200517 210242
IMG 0027edit v2 IMG 0017edit
IMG 0007edit v2  PM Sharp
 19. Patches
98353471 248555616378360 8693316598003400704 n IMG 0008edit v2
IMG 0011edit v2 IMG 0021edit v4
IMG 0030edit IMG 20200518 163027
IMG 1228  PM Patches
 20. Liquid
IMG 20200519 193742 IMG 0034edit
IMG 0052edit IMG 000edit5
 PM Liquid  
21. Warm 
IMG 0005edit v4 IMG 0015edit v4
IMG 0010edit v4  99099808 647550362496324 534919003982790656 n v2
 Image not found  Image not found
PM Warm  
 22. Alive/Alice
99123327 857582964729742 3771544291675996160 n 99070531 240986080664319 8496434657204633600 n
IMG 0028edit v2 IMG 0030edit v2
IMG 0021edit v5 IMG 0016edit v3
IMG 20200521 175108  IMG 20200521 174445
 PM Alice  
 23. Creased
IMG 0015edit v5 IMG 0019edit
IMG 0012edit v4 IMG 20200522 164937
 PM Creased  
24. A Memento 
 IMG 0010edit  IMG 0029edit
 IMG 0002edit  IMG 0040edit
 IMG 0026edit  PM Memento
25. Ceramic 


IMG 20200524 183118   IMG 0546edit
 IMG 0517edit  IMG 0534edit
 PM Ceramic  
 26. Textured
IMG 0021edit IMG 0016edit
IMG 0012edit IMG 0008edit
 PM TexturedIMG 20200526 151815  IMG 20200525 174039
 27. Sticky
IMG 0015edit IMG 0009edit
IMG 0007edit v2 IMG 0005edit
 PM Sticky  
28. In the Window 
100637124 898462453961393 6386201423771598848 n IMG 0031edit
IMG 0019edit IMG 0008edit v2
IMG 0034edit  PM InTheWindow
 29. Cooked
IMG 0021edit v2 IMG 0023edit
IMG 0015edit v2  PM Cooked v2
 30. Light Source
IMG 0010edit v2 IMG 0014edit v2
IMG 0021edit v3 IMG 0006edit
 PM LightSource  
 31. You made it
IMG 0039edit IMG 0013edit
IMG 0047edit IMG 0024edit
 PM YouMadeIt