Halcyon Words

Halcyon Words...

For each day of April 2020, through the creativity of artist Sarah Fletcher, the d.@rt centre  gave our community a prompt to inspire a daily poem. 


Below are the poems sent in over the month of April, we hope that you enjoy reading them

If you like travelling on creative journeys then you will enjoy finding out more about Sarah here

1. The Smallest Things...
Image not found the smallest things chris bennett


The Smallest Things Alison Neasom By Shaun Hobbs
Shaun Hobbs The Smallest Things
2. Earliest Memory
Earliest Memory Alison Neasom

Sarah Fletcher

Earliest Memory v2

3. A Mind of its Own

Sarah Fletcher

A Mind of its Own Sarah Fletcher v3

Paul Maddon v3
Alison Neasom  
4. Into the Forest
Into the Forest Alison Neasom Into the Forest v2
Into the Forest Paul Maddison  Into the Forest Rosie Scott Bennett
5. Into the Clouds 
In the Clouds Alison Neasom v3 Poem for HalyconWords
 6. A Childhood Creation

 Sarah Fletcher

A Childhood Creation

 6. Childhood Memory Alison Neasom
 7. Folklore
 Folklore v2  Folklore Alison Neasom
 8. A Feast
A Feast v2 Apr 8th HalcyonWords a feast Emma Morrissey. 001
A Feast Alison Neasom  
9. Under the Ocean 
Under the Ocean  under the ocean alison neasom
10. A Half Remembered Song 
A Half Remembered Song  A Half remembered song Alison Neasom
11. Foraging 
Hiding Places Foraging Alison Neasom
Hiding Places 
Hiding Places v2 Hiding Places Alison Neasom
 14. Beach Combing 



Beach combing Emma Morrissey

Beachcombing Alison Neasom
Beach Combing v2  
  15. Treehouse
Treehouse v2 Treehouse Alison Neasom
 16. A Memorable Occasion 
A Memorable Occasion Alison Neasom A Memorable Occasion Jo Shuppe
Rebecca Lewis A Memorable Occasion small v2
wilbur the three legged cat  A memorable occasion HalcyonWords
 17. Gathering Flowers
Gathering Flowers  Gathering FLowers Alison Neasom
 18. If I Could Fly 
If I Could Fly Jo Schruppe  If You Could Fly
 If I Could Fly Alison Neasom  
 19.  Story of a Dream


Story of a Dream Story of a Dream Emma Morrissey
Story of a Dream Alison Neasom  
 20. Back in Time
Back in Time v2 Back in Time Alison Neasom
 21. A Secret Message


A Secret Message v2 A secret message 001
 A Secret Message Alison Neasom  
 22. The Best Scents
The Best Scents Alison Neasom 22 The Best Scents
The Best Scents Rosie Scott Bennett  
23. Mysterious Objects 
Mysterious Objects Alison Neasom 23 Mysterious Objects v2
24. Myth and Legend
24 Myth and Legend v2 Myths and Legend Alison Neasom
Myth and legend. HalyconWords  
25. A Recipe in a Poem
25 A Recipe in Verse v2 A Recipe in a Poem Alison Neasom
26. Under the Ground
Down under the ground HalcyonWords 26 Down Under the Ground
Under the Ground Alison Neasom  
27. Inside the Sewing Box
27 Inside the Sewing Basket v2 Inside the sexing box Alison Neasom
28. A Wondrous Creature


A Wonderous Creature Alison Neasom 28 A Wondrous Creature v3
29. Brew 
29 Brew Brew Alison Neasom
30. On the Tip of the Tongue 
30 On the Tip of the Tongue v2 On the Tip of the Tongue Pat Williams
On the tipof the tongue Alison Neasom  




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