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The d.@rt Centre prides itself in it's various exhibitions programme. From local to national artists to community projects, we like to keep our exhibition wall full of life!

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Current Exhibition

Dais SB Art

My Name is Dais Scott-Bennett. I am originally from Southampton, but now live in Ambleside in the Lake District, where I spend my time illustrating birds and exploring our natural world.

I recently graduated from my degree in Animal Conservation and am currently work on my Master's in Museum Studies, with a focus on natural science collections. My passion for biodiversity and our wildlife encouraged me to develop my love for art as a told for understanding the natural world.

I mainly work in pen and ink, which I find very practical for working outside, but I do love to experiment with all mediums and often introduce a bit of colour to my art with homemade watercolours. I have put together a selection of my native bird flock, most of which contain some embellished gold, applied by me.

Take a look at Dais's exhibition brochure below:




Blue Tit Long tailed tit Selection