Pippa Profile

 Introducing Pippa...

An adventurous girl who is part of the d.@rt family! Let's find out more about Pippa...

Pippa with friendship bracelets 38


Pippa loves to make friendship bracelets, click here for a tutorial on how to make one for yourself.

Pippa painting final 37


Pippa also loves colouring, she enjoys colouring pictures she has drawn and printed pictures. Click here for some downloadable colouring pages.


Pippa with pizza 33Pippa's favourite food is pizza, especially homemade pizza... click here for a yummy recipe so that you can make your own pizza.


Milo profile

Introducing Milo...

An intelligent boy who is passionate about science and the arts. Let's learn more about Milo...



Milo spends most of his time trialling exciting science experiments. Click here to try some of his favourites.


meatballsSpaghetti and meatballs is Milo's favourite meal, he encourages you to get your chef hat on and make your own. Click here for a recipe.



 Milo capeMilo enjoys dressing up as superheros from his favourite movies. Click here for a short quiz to see how well you know your superheroes.


Patch profile

Introducing Patch...

 Patch loves meeting new people, he is a fun and energetic dog. Lets find out more about Patch...

 Patch with chocolate 20

Patch knows he is not allowed chocolate so he bakes chocolate cakes for others to enjoy. Click here for a chocolatey recipe.


 A day at the beach with his best friends is Patch's favourite kind of day. Click here to see some of the UKs nicest beaches.

 Patch is a talented and trained dog that has lots of tricks up his sleeve. Click here for tips on how to train your dog.